Preschool Program

The Life Education early childhood program focuses on the health and wellbeing of pre-school age children.

The program comprises a 45 to 60 minute interactive session in a pre-school environment using the following methodologies:

  • story telling
  • puppetry
  • interactive play / group activities
  • music and song
  • movement

Content focuses on seven main areas:

  • the body
  • personal hygiene
  • safety
  • exercise
  • nutrition
  • sleep
  • relationships

Enjoy a brief film about our Preschool Program here.

The Life Education pre-school program aims to:

  • provide the knowledge and skills to help children make informed choices to lead a healthy and safe lifestyle
  • provide a positive, interactive and fun learning experience that will support children’s learning and development for a healthy lifestyle
  • provide pre-school teachers with supporting resources that will extend the learning experiences from the Life Education session to the classroom and home environment
  • contribute to the development of a child’s wellbeing by:
    • instilling in children a positive attitude toward life and their health
    • building on a child’s mental, physical and social foundations
    • developing children’s knowledge about their bodies through age appropriate anatomy and physiology of body systems
    • demonstrating the importance of balancing healthy eating, rest and exercise
  • complement the state and territory curriculum frameworks for the early years 3 to 5 years.

To book Life Education for your primary school contact Joan Cassar from Life Education NSW:

Phone 02 9673 3222


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