Ocsober is all about finding and freeing WILL POWER, meeting a challenge to say ‘no’ to alcohol for 31 days and raising funds that will be used to empower Hunter children to make healthier and safer choices as they grow up.The money raised in the Hunter region supports Hunter Life Education, the organisation delivering vital health education in Hunter schools, supported by its iconic mascot, Healthy Harold. For 30 years, Hunter Life Education has been teaching Hunter children how to find their WILL POWER and resist drug and

alcohol misuse. This year, we aim to raise over $40,000 in the Hunter during Ocsober to help Hunter Life Education inspire Hunter kids to reach their full potential.

Ocsober is an important opportunity to highlight the growing danger of binge drinking and alcohol abuse, particularly among young Australians. Participants can also enjoy other potential benefits from a month off alcohol… you’ll feel healthier and fitter, lose weight and enjoy your weekend mornings again!


Will power is one of the attributes we support children to discover and develop through Life Education programs. With will power, children can make healthier, smarter choices. Without it, they are susceptible to peer pressure, impulses, and instant gratification.Saying ‘no’ to alcohol takes self-control. It takes will power. Participating in Ocsober’s 31-day break from alcohol is an act of will power. The will power that you demonstrate in Ocsober will raise money to inspire will power in children and young people.

During Ocsober we will encourage you to show that you can set your will power free. You will show yourself, show your family, and of course show society that Australia does not need to be a nation with a drinking problem. Together we can role-model the behaviour we want for our children.

Will power exists within us all.

Bask in the glory of finding your Will Power and raising money for Life Education programs that help Hunter kids find theirs.

You can’t Free Will Power immediately. It’s a journey. As members of your corporate team live alcohol-free for the 31 days of October, they find out what it really takes to Free Will Power.

Like any great journey of self-discovery, there are several stages that ultimately lead to greater self-awareness. Participation in Ocsober is a demonstration of your mental strength, your self control – your will power.

As a team you will work towards individual goals to Free Will Power and a team goal to raise funds that help Hunter kids free theirs.

To enhance the impact of Ocsober make sure to include the following in your plans:

Time for your team to socialise

  • Come along to our official launch event
  • Hold a team last drinks event
  • Mid-Ocsober fundraising event or activity—something where sobriety is a bonus like rock climbing or laser tag (probably not karaoke ; ) )
  • A finish line event

Opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate success

  • Plan and distribute internal communications including stories of participants
  • Tracking the fundraising progress of your team in a way that is visible

Ocsober is an exceptional team building opportunity.

  • Participation in our official launch event
  • Regional press coverage managed by Thurnham Teece
  • Logo on Hunter Life Education website and team commentary on dedicated page
  • Ocsober pages and in eDM updates (to 2,000+ Hunter-based business professionals).
  • Extensive social media coverage – Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter

  • Invite your customers, corporate partners and suppliers to sponsor your team online.
  • Have a collection tin available for staff and customers who want to support you with cash.
  • Hold a fundraising event or activity such as a workplace BBQ, morning tea, raffle etc…

  1. To start a Team, you’ll need to appoint a Team Leader who then needs to create a Team Profile page.
  2. Once the Team Leader has set up the Team, he/she can request the support of others by inviting them to join the Team. Team Members can then update your Team Profile image, the amount you raise collectively and view messages of support from your supporters.
  3. You can even sign up Team Sponsors by letting everyone know your Team is participating in Ocsober.
  4. Contact Taylor DeBruin from the Hunter Life Ed team so we can make sure to include you and your team on all of the festivities.