Monica Taylor

What are you doing now? (both professionally and personally)

I am currently a student who is attending Hunter Valley Grammar School in my final HSC year and as a part of my HSC I am completing a Cert III in Financial Service/Accounts Admin as a T-Vet via TAFE at Newcastle and recently had the privilege of completing that work placement with all of you at Hunter Life Education. This opportunity provided me not only with knowledge I needed for my course but also a greater awareness as to what Hunter Life Education provides and how beneficial it is for children as it gives them the education they need today. After my HSC I plan and am aiming to go onto University next year and get a degree.

What do you remember of Hunter Life Education and Healthy Harold?

I remember Healthy Harold from primary school when I used to go to King St Public School in Singleton and how there was the van and we as a class group all got to go inside that for a lesson and it had stars on the roof and of course there was Harold. Harold helped to create a fun environment and made being healthy something we actually wanted to do and would then try to be.

What advice would you offer parents of children today?

The main piece of advice I would offer of parents for children today is to make sure they to do their part in encouraging children to be healthy and aim to be a healthy role model themselves.


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