Jade Castle

What are you doing now? (both professionally and personally)

Once completing my Diploma in Makeup & Beauty Therapy services I found the confidence to start my own business, which I now own with my Mum and sister called Kaf.Tanned. It was a few years in the making but we now wholesale Tanning and Fashion Apparel to hundreds of salons across Australia and retail online.

As a young single I do hold a strong social life – I always have breakfasts, lunches and dinners/drinks with friends planned. I also attend a few events in the year which allows me to network with potential clients for my business.

What do you remember of Hunter Life Education and Healthy Harold?

I remember being in primary school and being really excited when Hunter Life Education came to visit. We all would sit there and listen and be so intrigued with all the gadgets and models of the human body that the educators brought in to show. They always made it a fun an enjoyable experience, yet very educational – beneficial for our future.

What advice would you offer parents of children today?

To those parents out there with little ones, I would honestly make sure that Healthy Harold visits your child’s school- don’t let them miss out on this fun educational experience. Even at such an early stage in their lives, education like this will empower them to make more informative decisions in the future.

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