Gabrielle Brand

What are you doing now? (both professionally and personally)

I spent 2012 in Germany and travelling around Europe as an exchange student and have just started my first year as a Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Arts student at the University of Newcastle.

What do you remember of Hunter Life Education and Healthy Harold?

I think I probably remember the same thing as most other kids: Harold of course, plus the stars in the ceiling and the light-up human body. However I also remember a lot of the lessons that we were taught, such as how to say no and how to make our own decisions.

What advice would you offer parents of children today

I think parents need to listen to their kids and try to get to know them. I know my parents always say ‘we don’t want to be your friends, we just want to look after you’ but I think parents can still be friends with their kids while making sure they are disciplined and looked after as well.

Above all, treat your kids with respect. Just because you’re older and can make the rules doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect them – if you respect them, they’ll learn to respect themselves and others around them.

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