Craig Smith

What are you doing now? (both professionally and personally)

Special educational teacher working with children with autism. Currently completing PhD studies in autism phenomenology. Love living in Newcastle with my beautiful wife and daughter, bike riding around the city, taking photographs and reading good books.

What do you remember of Hunter Life Education and Healthy Harold?

I have extremely fond memories of Hunter Life Education. The glittering stars on the roof, the magic of Healthy Harold – it always felt like a gently balanced mix of theatre and ethics that completely captivated my young mind. So much so, that I asked my parents to take me to Hunter Life Education during the school holidays, expecting Harold to greet me out the front with an apple and a warm smile – I was told Harold was resting, and that I was more than welcome to come back at a more organised time 🙂 Since then, I have taken my students from school to visit Health Harold and it was a wonderous experience to see my class respond so positively so similar narratives I remember so fondly.

What advice would you offer parents of children today?

Fill their days with kindness, wonder and fruitful optimism to best enable their own creative, infinite adventures.

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