Bee Western

What are you doing now? (both professionally and personally)

I am currently working for BOQ HR Learning and Development and love it! I also study HR Management at QUT Bachelor of Business (part-time working full-time). I’m still living at home saving as my next big goal is to buy a house by the end of the year.

What do you remember of Hunter Life Education and Healthy Harold?

I remember always getting really excited to see the giraffe! I would always leave learning something new- which always made me feel cool. The teachers in the van were always so nice and friendly- it made my experience even better. I can also remember if our school did not partake in the program one year feeling quite disappointed haha.

What advice would you offer parents of Children today?

My advice would be –whether you work full time, part time or don’t work at all, pay more attention to your child’s learning. It’s one of the most important, influencing decisions you can make.

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